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After the release of the Gormiti series 2 of figurines, there was a need and a demand for even more. This led to the creation of the Gormiti Atomic series which was basically a repainted series 2 that featured all new characters. In the Gormiti Atomic series though, many great repaints were introduced. This included the fact that the Earth tribe featured glow in the dark highlights, the Forrest tribe was semi-transparent, the Sea tribe changed colors when placed in cold water, and the Volcano tribe changes colors when placed in luke warm water. There were even 5 specially made larger Gormiti Atomic series characters which featured interchangeable magnetic parts.

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Gormiti Atomic Toys

So if you like playing games based on miniature action figures, then you need to give the Gormiti Atomic series and opportunity today. You will end up having many great hours of fun playing with your close friends. And if that is not enough for you, then you can always attempt to collect one of every single figure that was created. This can prove to be slightly difficult, but I think you can manage them. The Gormiti Atomic series makes an excellent collectible item for people of all ages and generations.

Make sure that you start off on the right foot and begin your experiences with playing the Gormiti miniatures game with the Gormiti Atomic series. You will definitely have loads of fun that will keep you and your companions entertained for hours on end. Just make sure that you do not spend too much time playing because you still need to get out into the neighborhood to get plenty of exercise each and every single day. With the Gormiti Atomic series of figures, you will be in charge of the battle for which only one can be victorious; do you have what it takes to be the winner?

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