Heroscape Master Set 3 D&D Battle For The Underdark

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Combining two of Wizards of the Coast and parent company Hasbro's biggest intellectual properties is Heroscape's third master set: D&D Battle For The Underdark. This "build and battle" game system is a fully fleshed out 4 part D&D campaign pitting the forces of evil against a band of stalwart adventurers. Battle feral trolls, acid spitting dragons, and sacrificial Drow elves in a shadowy dungeon setting.

D&D Master Set Contents

This Heroscape Master Set comes with 161 hex tiles of various sizes and 6 3D rock outcroppings (81 dungeon hexes, 30 rock hexes, 24 sand hexes, 6 grass hexes, 12 water hexes, 8 shadow hexes). 4 treasure glyphs, 23 wound markers, 8 order markers, 8 combat dice, one 20-sided die, a full color rulebook and 8 Army cards.

The set's fit and form is well thought-out. The interlocking terrain works nicely and the instructions are very clear on how to assemble each of the 4 campaigns. To top it off, the terrain pieces and armies are fully compatible with the rest of the Heroscape universe (including the individual Heroscape terrain sets, and the other 2 Heroscape master sets). By mixing and matching both armies and terrain there is no end to the size and scope of battles possible!

The set's included scenarios are designed to be played by 2 players though more players can play by either forming teams or by mixing and matching others set in a all out battle brawl of the ages. There are also 2 sets of rules; a simpler set of basic rules and a more complex set of master rules.

The D&D Heroes of Heroscape

The good guys take the form of a well rounded band of 4 adventurers unwittingly thrust into a deep and dark dungeon. The 4 characters are:

  • Tandros Kreel the disciplined Human fighter of Einar
  • Darrak Ambershard the tricky Dwarven rogue of Aquilla
  • Erevan Sunshadow the precise Eladrin wizard of Jandar
  • Ana Karithon the merciful Human cleric of Einar

Tandros wields +2 broadsword, can attack multiple adjacent targets and takes hits for his fellow team members. Darrak is a wily dwarf who joins later in the campaign. He can perform sneak attacks while his team members distract the enemies, disarm traps, and hide in the plentiful shadow hexes supplied in this set. Erevan flings flaming balls of fire from his fingers to fry his unfortunate foes. He can also fey step once per game which is essentially a short ranged teleport. Finally rounding out the good guys is Ana who can turn undead (a little odd concerning there are no undead included in the set), grant protection from evil to her team members, and heal her friends.

The D&D Enemies Of The Underdark

The bad guys vary by campaign but feature a mix of the follow armies:

  • Pelloth the devout Drow arachnomancer of Utgar
  • A squad of 3 tricky Drow warriors of Utgar
  • Feral Troll ferocious hunter Troll of Utgar
  • Othkurik the Black Dragon of Utgar

Pelloth is the ringleader of the Drow's and can sacrifice them to cause wounds to nearby adventurers. Being a Drow he can also lurk in the shadow hexes avoiding ranged attacks. His goons are called Deepwrym Drow and are a group of 3 poison wielding, shadow skulking Drows. The Feral Troll is a huge 2 space, ugly-as-sin, blood frenzying and regenerating massive bruiser. Finally, at the culmination of the campaign comes Othkurik. Good thing he is a young black dragon as he already is super powerful. He can spray acid, ambush from the shadows, and fly across the board making him a force to reckon with.

D&D is a beloved IP with a longstanding tradition of quality fun products. Although the game is targeted to kids even adults should have no trouble having fun with this games deep and involving rule set. Heroscape continues to evolve into a fun and varied product and the D&D Master Set is no exception!

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