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Bakugan Battle Brawlers Video game is a recent release that is bound to rock the gaming world. Not content with being a collectible card game and a board game, Bakugan Battle Brawlers is now a video game! It is produced by the folks at Activision and is available for a number of video game platforms including the Sony Playstation, the Xbox as well the Nintendo Wii and DS. Play as your own custom Battle Brawler and help unravel a mystery of a mysterious Bakugan that escaped from the Doom Dimension. Climb to the top, battle all your favorite characters, and go on an adventure to save New Vestroia and Earth!

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Bakugan Video Game Features

There are many new Bakugans in the video game that you can discover, along with plenty of old friends you will recognize right away. Some of the Bakugan that you can use in the game you are able to win through various levels, while others have to be purchased separately. This large assortment of available creatures makes the game play more fun, interesting as well as enjoyable.

In the game, your character meets up with Dan Kuso who teaches you and prepares you for your very first battle. Once you have learned how to fight and have battled Shuji, you get your very first Bakugan known as Leonidas. Leonidas is a very aggressive Bakugan but he will be your best friend and companion through the many levels of the game.

Throughout the game, you will be introduced to a number of characters, but it is Marduk who has chosen to become the ruler of all. It is up to you to fight him and beat him in order to win Vladiator; another fine Bakugan.

While perfect for kids of all ages, the Bakugan video game is especially developed for those between the ages of 7 and 12 years old. In similar fashion as the hit animated cartoon, you work your way up to become a true Bakugan warrior through experience and dedication. You will also be able to choose and play a number of characters including Dan Ruso, Marucho, Masquerede, Julie, Shun, Chan Lee, Komba and many more.

While for the most part, playing the Bakugan video game is considered very similar to that of the animated cartoon, the battles themselves are done in a slightly different manner. At the beginning of the battle, you will have to pick a gate card which then will land on the field. It is up to you to target it. Once two Bakugan land on a single ate card, the battle for that gate begins and the winner takes the gate card. You will have a number of cards to use and even some to win throughout the Bakugan video game.

If you think you are up to the challenge, then perhaps the Bakugan video game is right up your alley. You will have hours of fun playing through the many different and challenging levels of the game in which no two are exactly the same. If your kids really love watching the animated television show or even playing the Bakugan card game, then this video game will make an excellent gift.

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